How long are shipping times?

Products typically ship within two days of your order and take up to 2 weeks for delivery. Many of our products ship directly from the manufacturer's warehouse, so delays are possible. All products show an estimated delivery time on the product page and full tracking details are provided for products with longer handling times.


What's your return policy?

Items can be returned within 30 days for a full refund. Please contact bancho@bancho.co.uk regarding your problem, along with a photo of the product in question and a description of the fault.


Can I cancel my order?

Cancellations are possible if you do not receive your order within the specified time frame. Please contact bancho@bancho.co.uk for cancellations inquiries. Items received after a cancellation is processed do not need to be returned.


What happens if I receive the wrong item?

If there is any issue with your order being in the wrong size, colour or type, or if the item is damaged or not functioning correctly, please contact us at bancho@bancho.co.uk for a full refund. You will not need to return the item. Please note: we do not offer refunds for items that don't fit, so please refer to the size charts provided for each item to ensure it will fit.


Do you offer exchanges?

We do not offer exchanges, but if you have any issues with your order, please contact bancho@bancho.co.uk and we'll do everything we can to help.